Quadralite Background Reflector

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Thanks to its specially designed shape background reflector allows to illuminate background without afecting foreground. It has standard mount type Bowens, it fits on every Quadralite lamp and every lamp with Bowens fit. White inside of the reflector guarantee corect distribution of the light. Background reflector has additional clips for color filters.

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Quadralite Background Reflector

Reflector designed especially for background lighting. The reflector’s elliptical shape casts a striking oval lighting (natural vignette) onto a subject without unwanted additional lighting on the front plane.

The reflector is painted white from the inside, which ensures the proper light dispersion. Additionally, it features a mount for color filters.

With the Bowens-type mount, the device may be used in combination with Quadralite studio flashes and similar products manufactured by other producers.

Main Features:

  • Bowens mount.
  • Special shape allowing for selective background illumination.
  • White interior.
  • Filter Mount. Kit includes:

 Quadralite Background Reflector Warranty:

 2 years

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