Quadralite Hexadecagon 90 Softbox

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Quadralite Hexadecagon 90 Softbox

Quadralite Hexadecagon is a softbox that provides a very soft, yet easy to control light, regardless of whether we work in the studio or outdoors. Its 16-shaft hexadecagon construction provides appealing circular catchlights in the subject eyes, which makes it an ideal tool for portraits, fashion and beauty photoshoots.

Quick and easy

Quadralite Hexadecagon is built on the basis of a quick folding mechanism, therefore is easy to use and can be prepared for work in a few seconds. Handy carrying bag is supplied in the kit for convenient storage and portability.

This parabolic-alike shaped recalls a tulip cup and is substantial for acquiring precisely lit scene and subject. Without unwanted lightspill. If necessary, Quadralite Hexadecagon can also be used with a honeycomb (available separately).

Quadralite Hexadecagon outer shell is made from high quality rip-stop nylon fabric for high durability, long lifespan and small weight at the same time. Interior is laminated with highly reflective silver film for even light distribution across its surface.
Double diffusion

There are two layers of diffusers made from high quality polyester rip-stop fabric. This part was carefully picked and tested to ensures proper white balance and color rendition. Inner diffuser is equipped with additional fabric layer in it center, to prevent hot-spot and assure even light distribution.


Softbox frame is internally made of metal. Steel tension rods supports whole structure effectively and keep parabolic shape despite lamp tilt.
Softbox is equipped with widely used Bowens-type mount, which ensures compatibility with wide range of studio and on-location flashes available on the market, including Quadralite products.1 Thanks to a adapters available for other systems, Hexadecagon can also be used with Broncolor, Profoto and Elinchrome flashes.2

Hexadecagon Softbox features:

  • Available in three variants with different diameter: 90, 120 and 150 cm,
  • Ensures super-soft lighting with maximum control and minimal light-spill,
  • Hexadecagon design for circular catchlights – great for portraits, fashion and beauty,
  • Fast to fold and easy to carry,
  • Equipped with two, detachable diffusion screens,
  • Can be used with grids for more contrast and precision lighting,
  • Handy carrying bag included in the kit,
  • Heavy-duty all metal frame construction,
  • Compatible with all lamps equipped with Bowens mount, and after using the

    appropriate adapter (available separately) can be also used with Profoto, Broncolor and Elinchrome flashes.

    Warranty: 2 yearsKit includes:

  • 1x Hexadecagon 90 Softbox
  • 1x Carrying Bag



Hexadecagon 90

Hexadecagon 120

Hexadecagon 150


16-shaft parabolic softbox

Compatible with

Lamps equipped with Bowens mount


90 cm

120 cm

150 cm


70 cm

74 cm

92 cm


Quick action

Outer shell Fabric

Nylon Taffeta

Diffuser fabric


Frame material



Double, removable

Grids compatible


Dimensions when folded

20×90 cm

20×100 cm

22×125 cm


1950 g

2100 g

3100 g

Weight (incl. bag)

2380 g

2600 g

3850 g

  1. 1  Because of large size and weight of the Quadralite Hexadecagon 150 it cannot be used with all flashes equipped with Bowens mount. It’s recommended to fit it with large and sturdy flashes such as: Quadralite Pulse X 600/800/1200, Pulse Pro X 400/600/800, Atlas 600 Pro TTL, or similar. It’s not recommended to use this softbox with small and compact flashes such as Quadralite Up! 200/300, Move X 200/300/400, or similar.
  2. 2  Softboxes from the Hexadecagon line are delivered with the Bowens mount. In order to use them with lights equipped with other mounts, the appropriate adapter (available separately) should be used according to the list below:
    • Quadralite Softbox Speedring for Broncolor – for flashes with Broncolor mount,
    • Quadralite Softbox Speedring for Elinchrome – for flashes with Elinchrome mount,
    • Quadralite Softbox Speedring for Profoto – for flashes with Profoto mount.

Additional information

Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 20 × 90 cm


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