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Quadralite Navigator X is a remote trigger and a controller for the following flashes: Atlas 600, Atlas 600 TTL, Reporter 360 TTL, Stroboss 36 and 60 or Pulse Pro X. Navigator X transmitter allows to operate through transmission groups and channels, ensuring stable and repetitive signal and high reaction speed.

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Quadralite Navigator Xc can be used as radio trigger/controller for speedlites and studio flashes or as a wireless camera shutter. Featuring multichannel triggering, stable signal transmission and sensitive reaction, it gives photographers unparalleled flexibility and control over their strobist setups. The flash trigger applies to hotshoe- mounted cameras, as well as the cameras which have PC sync sockets. With Quadralite Navigator Xc high speed synchronization is available for most of camera flashes in the market which support TTL. The max flash synchronization speed is up to 1/8000s.

Flash synchro with high shutter speeds may be used for most of the flashes available on the market and compatible with E-TTL II standard. The maximum synchro speed is 1/8000 s.

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Key Product Features:

  • Compatible with Canon E-TTL II – allows for automatic shooting, and gives the full manual control over: flash power adjustment, synchro with high shutter speeds (up to 1/8000 s), flash exposure compensation etc.
  • Radio transmission (2.4 GHz) Ð ensures stable operation over long distances, both in studio and in the open fields.
  • 32 communication channels and 5 groups – fast configuration and control over many flashes and their groups.
  • Multifunctionality Ð may be used as a controller for reporter speedlites, studio flashes, or as a remote camera release. Kit includes:
  • Quadralite Navigator Xc Ð transceiver
  • Quadralite Navigator Xc Ð receiver
  • remont cable Ð C1, C3
  • sync cable 3,5mm
  • sync adapter 6,35mm Warranty:

 2 years Specification:


Quadralite Navigator Xc

Product type

Wireless control and triggering system for Quadralite flashes, speedlites and cameras.

Can be used with

Quadralite flashes: Up!, Move, Move Pro, Pulse, Pulse Pro, Rx400 Ringflash, Atlas 600 TTL, Stroboss 58/60, Reporter 180/360/360 TTL, etc.

Compatible with

Canon E-TTL II

Wireless modes

Yes, up to 1/8000s

High Speed Sync



>100m (in the open field)





Transceiver input

2 x 1.5V AA batteries

Receiver input

2 x 1.5V AA batteries

Transceiver dimensions


Receiver dimensions


Transceiver weight (with batteries)


Receiver weight



Additional information

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