Quadralite Reflector 45cm

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Quadralite Reflector 45cm is a parabolic shape reflector with the light spread of approx. 60¼

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Quadralite Reflector 45cm can be used whenever precision of lighting is crucial especially on location. This parabolic shape reflector is characterized by a relatively narrow light spread (approx. 60¼) and can be used as a key light as well as fill or back light. It produces contrasty light with deep shadows and bright highlights. Reflector is supplied with additional white diffuser fabric which can be used to soften the light



  • precision control, small light spill and longer range
  • light spread of approx. 60¼
  • produces contrasty light with fine shadows and strong highlights
  • can be used as a key light, fill or back light
  • light and durable all metal construction
  • Bowens type mount


Model: Quadralite Reflector 45cm
Product type: Light modifier for studio lamps

Light spread:





25cm (9.8″)




Kit includes

  • 1x Quadralite Reflector 45cm

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