Quadralite Reporter 200 TTL A-type Head Barndoor Kit

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Quadralite Reporter 200 TTL A-type Head Barndoor Kit

Gates with honeycomb and colour fltrami prepared specifically for the type A bulb Quadralite reporter 200 TTL. By adjusting the sash settings, the gates in a controlled manner limit the diffusion of light, and the honeycomb allows orientation of the light flux. There are also 4 colour fltrys to change the colour of the light. The set includes fltr red, blue, green and yellow. The gates fit the lamp Quadralite reporter 200 TTL.

Product Features:
• Gates specifically designed for use with a lamp head reporter 200 TTL,
• Supplied with a set of coloured fltrów (blue, green, red, yellow) and honeycomb,
• Convenient and quick attachment to the head with latch.

The Scid of the kit shall enter into:

The gate
Patch of honey
Filters: red, yellow, blue, Green


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